Casting Video Read - Video Requirement

Crazy ‘working title’ - A new short film for young teens and young adults.

Casting Script - Send video to

(Scene1-29b) A very scared young girl sitting on floor is heard breathing heavily. She’s alone in a nondescript dimly lit room. Long hold. 

She’s startled by her phone as it rings loudly and unexpectedly.

Zoey - Speaking in to the phone. 

Hello?? Alex?? are you there? Is this you?

Zoey - Holds as if she’s listening intently.

Alex - Muffled speaking  heard through the phone but  hard to hear. It sounds like crying, whimpering.

Zoey becomes agitated and is increasingly saddened by what she hears over the phone. There is a mix of frustration and sadness on her face. She closes eyes in disbelief.  Tears. 

Zoey - I can’t believe she’s gone. I was just with her. She’s was my friend. I can’t. I mean I can’t believe she’s gone. She’s gone?!?!.

Alex is still hard to hear over the phone but can now be understood. 

Alex - I’m so sorry. I know you were close. I, I, I can’t imagine what you are going through. I don’t want to make things worse but I don’t thing you really knew who she was. 

Zoey in disbelief but still sobbing. 

Zoey - I can’t believe that you would bring this up again. She’s gone ok, she’s gone. Whimpers. 

Alex - I know, I know. I shouldn't have said anything. It’s over. A loud door, crashing  sound is heard over the phone. Alex is silent for a moment and is heard peaking as if in shock. 

Alex - Jenna...Jenna?? Is that you? I’m, I’m (stutters) No, I wasn’t! No, Please....

A scuffle is heard. A loud sound is heard. call ends. Ring tone.

Zoey - Alex! Alex! Are you there!!!!!

- End test read


Independent Film Casting - Ages 12-18

Acting Role - Female Lead 12 - 18

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Independent Film Casting Details

  • Must be very comfortable in front of camera and shooting guerrilla style scenarios.  

  • Must provide short video showcasing acting ability and range. 

  • Casting for two lead female roles ages 12 - 18.

Giant Pixel - Casting

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